История версий

На этой странице перечислены регулярные выпуски с обновлениями функций. Если релиз Github здесь не указан, он обычно содержит только исправления ошибок.

2019.03.01 v4.18

  • Port list in routing rules now supports mixed format.
  • Updated geosite information in routing, and description for static hosts in DNS.
  • Option to not use system root CAs for TLS handshake.
  • New routing rule for traffic attributes.

2019.02.22 v4.17

  • New sub-command tlsping in V2Ctl.

2019.02.15 v4.16

For end users:

  • DNS outbound proxy now supports to modify DNS server info.

For developers:

  • 'ext' repository is now deprecated. #1541

2019.02.08 v4.15

  • DNS outbound proxy.

2019.02.01 v4.14

  • Static DNS mapping now supports domain to domain mapping.

2019.01.18 v4.13

  • Quic lib updated. It is not compatible with previous versions.
  • DNS now have tag settings.

2019.01.11 v4.11

Для разработчиков:

2018.12.07 v4.8

For end users:

  • Bug fixes

For developers:

2018.11.30 v4.7

  • Freedom now supports for dialing IPv4 or IPv6 address only.
  • New QUIC transport.

2018.11.23 v4.6

  • Freedom now can automatically choose between IPv4 and IPv6 destination address, based on SendThrough settings.

2018.11.16 v4.4

  • Load balancer rules in routing.
  • Memory usage gets optimized.

2018.11.05 v4.1

  • JSON configuration format changes. Old format is still suported.
  • Performance on GeoIP matching is improved.

2018.11.02 v4.0

  • Reverse proxy.
  • Release packages for ppc64 and ppc64le.

2018.10.12 v3.47

  • Migrate to a new continuous delivery pipeline

2018.09.28 v3.44

  • Dokodemo-door now supports TProxy in Linux.

2018.09.21 v3.43

  • DNS now supports on-demand queries by domain.

2018.09.14 v3.40

  • New socket options in transport configuration. It can be used to setup VPNs.
  • New TCP Fast Open option in transport configuration.

2018.09.03 v3.38

  • mKCP has a new WireGuard header.
  • Fix softfloat binaries in mips/mips64.

2018.08.31 v3.37

  • Performance of reading network connection in optilized. See Environment Variables
  • VMess uses AES-128-GCM by default on ARM64.
  • Built by Go 1.11.

2018.08.24 v3.36

  • Great performance improvement on subdomain matching (domain:) in routing.
  • Full domain matching is now supported in routing.

2018.08.07 v3.34

  • Better memory management on most devices.

2018.07.27 v3.32

  • BitTorrent traffic can now be sniff'ed.
  • New protocol option in routing rules for protocol-based routing.
  • New geosite:speedtest option in routing rules to match all public servers of speedtest.net.

2018.07.20 v3.31

2018.07.13 v3.30

  • Fix an issue that may cause broken connections in mKCP.
  • Thanks to our friends who speak Russian. Now our documents are in Russian.

2018.07.06 v3.29

  • New inbound and outbound for MTProto proxy.

2018.06.29 v3.27

  • DNS now supports EDNS client subnet.
  • DNS static host now supports sub-domain matching.

2018.06.15 v3.26

  • Add Dragonfly BSD release.

2018.06.01 v3.24

  • Internal buffer size (per connection) can now be configured in JSON configuration.
  • mKCP now supports DTLS 1.2 header.
  • TLS transport now only support cipher suites in TLS 1.3 spec.

2018.05.25 v3.23

  • In JSON configuration, port can now be specified from env variables.
  • JSON config now supports to load domains and IPs from specified files.

2018.04.20 v3.19

  • Traffic stats for inbound proxies.

2018.04.13 v3.17

  • V2Ray can load config file from HTTP(s).
  • TLS in V2Ray can issue new certificates by provided CA certificates for domains in incoming requests.
  • HTTP/2 transport.

2018.04.06 v3.16

  • Statistics.
  • Shadowsocks inbound now can be configured to only listen on UDP. Strongly recommend to not listen on both TCP and UDP on the same port.

2018.03.02 v3.11

  • A new settings is introduced in VMess inbound, to forbid client using insecure encryption methods.
  • Offers ARMv7 release.
  • Offers MIPS release that doesn't require FPU.

2018.02.23 v3.10

  • Log entries now contain session ID to distinguish proxy sessions.
  • Bug fixes.

2018.02.15 v3.9

  • Happy New Year!
  • Bug fixes.

2018.02.09 v3.7

2017.12.29 v3.5

  • Geoip now supports private network address under name "private".

2017.12.22 v3.4

  • Websocket nows uses value of X-Forwarded-For header as source address.
  • Support s390x CPU architecture.

2017.12.08 v3.1

  • Support policy.
  • Config file location can be specified via environment variable.

2017.12.01 v3.0

  • Support Shadowsocks AEAD

2017.11.18 v2.50

  • v2ray now tried to use v2ctl for configuration parsing. Please make sure these 2 files are in the same directory.
  • New IPOnDemand strategy in routing.

2017.11.10 v2.47

  • geosite data is now in geosite.dat file.
  • Bug fixes.

2017.11.03 v2.46

  • Router now supports geosite:cn, equivalent to existing chinasites, but more flexible.
  • Router now supports geoip.
    • File geoip.dat is added to release packages. This file contains all geoip information and has to stay in the same directory of v2ray program. Due to delayed update of installation script, you may have to copy the file manually.
  • Program v2ctl is added to release packages. You may run v2ctl verify /path/to/v2ray to verify the signature of v2ray program.

2017.10.27 v2.44

  • HTTP now supports Basic Authentication.
  • Some bugs are fixed.

2017.10.06 v2.40

  • Fix an issue that causes memory leak.

2017.09.29 v2.39

  • Inbound proxies now close connections more quickly when remote server closes them.
  • Default connection timeout changes to 5 minutes.

2017.05.12 v2.27

  • New domain mode in router.

2017.05.05 v2.26

  • Stability fixes.

2017.04.28 v2.25

  • Simple sniffing on HTTP and TLS traffic for the actual domain on request.

2017.04.21 v2.24

  • Stabilize Mux.
  • Improves memory efficiency.

2017.04.15 v2.23

  • Performance improvement in Mux.
  • Max number of connections can be configured in Mux now.
  • Performance improvement in HTTP inbound.
  • connectionReuse setting is removed in favor of Mux.

2017.04.08 v2.22

  • Mux.Cool protocol.

2017.02.25 v2.20

  • GPG signature is added to download package.
  • New binary wv2ray.exe is added to Windows package, which runs as a background application.

2017.02.18 v2.19

  • A new mechanism for anti reply attack is now enforced on server side.
    • No impact to existing clients.
  • Upgrade of VMess AES-128-GCM / Chacha20-Poly1305 / None encryption methods.
    • Please upgrade client and server at once.
    • AES-128-CFB is not affected.
  • Built with Golang 1.8. Add 32-bit MIPS support.

2017.02.11 v2.18

  • Cleanup WebSocket code.
  • Remove allowPassive option. Now passive connections are always allowed.
  • Bug fixes

2017.02.04 v2.17

  • Bug fixes.

2017.01.28 v2.16

  • New 'redirect' option in freedom. It can be used to adapt tools like Shadowsocks Obfs.
  • Performance improvement in VMess non-encryption mode. Not compatible with previous versions.
  • Happy New Year!

2017.01.16 v2.15

  • All proxies can use mKCP and WebSocket now.

2017.01.09 v2.14

  • Socks 5 outbound.
  • Bug fixes.

2017.01.02 v2.13

  • Bug fixes.

2016.12.26 v2.12

  • Bug fixes.

2016.12.19 v2.11

  • JSON config file now supports comment.

2016.12.12 v2.10

  • VMess now supports AES-GCM and ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption methods.

2016.12.05 v2.9

  • Fix compatibility with Alpine Linux.

2016.11.28 v2.8

  • Shadowsocks server now accepts OTA settings.
  • Bug fixes.

2016.11.21 v2.7

  • Main inbound and outbound connection handler can be tagged now.
  • Bug fixes.

2016.11.14 v2.6

  • Data sent by one outbound can be proxied to another outbound.
  • Routing can be based on inbound tag.

2016.11.07 v2.5

  • New Shadowsocks outbound;
  • New TCP header: HTTP;

2016.10.24 v2.4

  • TCP / mKCP / WebSocket can be configured per inbound / outbound;
  • Routing can be done on source IP;

2016.10.17 v2.3

  • Introduce new Protobuf-based configuration;
  • OpenBSD binaries;
  • Small fixes;

2016.09.19 v2.2

2016.09.19 v2.1

  • mKCP performance improvement;

2016.08.20 v2.0

  • One year;

2016.08.15 v1.24

  • New mKCP header: utp;
  • New option in inbound connection config "allowPassive" to allow passive connection;

2016.08.08 v1.23

  • Optimize mKCP packet format. This version of mKCP is NOT compatible with previous ones;
  • mKCP can now be configured to disguise as video data.

2016.08.01 v1.22

  • Fix a memory leak in mKCP;
  • Add FreeBSD release;

2016.07.25 v1.21

  • High performance Chacha20 (Thanks to aead@);
  • Bug fixes;

2016.07.18 v1.20

  • New KCP options: readBufferSize and writeBufferSize;
  • Bug fixes;

2016.07.11 v1.19

  • Enable TLS option for all proxies;
  • Fix a performance issue in KCP;
  • Fix an issue in KCP that could cause EOF response;

2016.07.04 v1.18

  • Fix a "too many open files" issue in KCP;
  • KCP now uses fewer CPU;
  • Other bug fixes;

2016.06.19 v1.17

2016.06.12 v1.16

  • TCP connection reuse is now enabled by default;
  • Dokodemo-door is able to recognize TCP connection redirected by iptables;
  • Blackhole is able to send back HTTP forbidden data;

2016.06.05 v1.15

  • Optionally reuse TCP connection for better performance;
  • Allow listening on a specific IP address;
  • Allow sending data through a specific IP address;
  • Fix an issue in HTTP proxy that may exhaust memory;

2016.05.29 v1.14

  • Fix a panic issue in http proxy;
  • More functionalies in install script;
  • Static route in DNS;
  • Official server address change;

2016.05.16 v1.13

  • Internal DNS server, to provide better routing results combined with chinasites and chinaip;
  • Fix an issue in UDP relay;

2016.05.01 v1.12.1

  • Fix a bug in VMess.

2016.05.01 v1.12

  • Second try to fix the memory usage issue;
  • Improve Shadowsocks performance;
  • New option "none" in loglevel;

2016.04.18 v1.11

  • Try to fix the memory usage issue.

2016.03.07 v1.10

  • Fix an performance issue when dynamic ports refreshes.

2016.02.29 v1.9.1

  • Fix Shadowsocks one-time authentication (OTA) issue.

2016.02.29 v1.9

  • Support for Shadowsocks ChaCha20 encryption;
  • Add more direct connection sites to the default configuration file;
  • Dynamic ports now automatically create an account.

2016.02.22 v1.8

  • Update installation script install-release.sh (thanks, @netcookies):
    • You can now automatically stop the V2Ray process and update automatically after the completion of V2Ray;
    • The install-release.sh accepts the --proxy argument and V2Ray specified proxy download;
  • Use Go 1.6 compiler to improve the performance of AES encryption;
  • Minor fixes;
  • Update the official server IP (please re-download the installation package to get the latest configuration).

2016.02.08 v1.7

  • UDP relay performance improved;
  • Shadowsocks security improved;
  • Minor fixes;
  • Happy new year!